Dirty Decisions

Dirty Decision

Will this cow pay her winter?

Feed and care ain’t free.

We raised her Mom from newborn.

Nothing wrong I see.


Good teeth, slick coat, and

Breeding hard to find.

She raised a calf this summer,

Calm, got a good mind.


Doing my best to know

If she tried and found love

Left arm protected by

A disposable glove.


I’m probing and hoping

An embryo to find

I’m up to my earlobe

In a bovine behind.


Maternity in question

Or hamburger packing?

Her Fate is determined

If future calf is lacking.


We’re in the cow/calf business.

Oil don’t pay our bills.

“Cowboy up!” ain’t enough

We need financial skills.


Done thousands of these, even certified by NM Board of Veterinary Examiners

Most of ours were black baldy, but this cow shows the general tail qualities I remember.