Rock’N Bedroll

Rock’N Bedroll



Coronary bands & frog meet dirt

Fiador knots & rawhide quirt

Caliche spits & sweat salt stains

Soft eye lines, McCarty reins

Roached-back mane, squared-off fender

Withers galled & back that’s tender


Chestnut sorrel, gunsmoke blue

Grulla, roan, big blood bay

Wall-eyed, wild-eyed, eye of pig

Pinned-ear, crop-ear, mule-ear big

Broom tail, brush-tail, come what may

Nuggets or biscuits, then there’s you.


Pinworms, bots, scourge of earth

Ringworms, grubs, cinch-sored girth

Curly-cues that twist awry

Slobber chains for boot-top-high

Flyin’ kack that’s leaked plumb loose

Buckin’ rolls o’er slick as goose


Tunin’ forks ‘fore first gold ray

Cackleberries & cathead, too

Single-tree & lantern rig

Bedroll sack & fire pit dig

Painted mares & Big Horseshoe

Nightmares change with light of day


Boss says “Best not stand there idle”

While day is dark ,“Just luck of draw”

Houlihan’s hung on the big outlaw

“You’ll need Minerva’s Golden Bridle.”

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