Poetic Craft

Poet’s Craft

When I am bleeding,

does your page reek with blood?

When I am crying,

can you taste the salty stains?

When I hunger,

does your stomach growl?

When I laugh,

does your face smile?

If yes,  Poetry.



do you celebrate along?

In my isolation ,

do you recognize your own,

and that together,

we really aren’t alone?

When aflame in passion’s grip,

are you pain’d or warm’ d – or both?

In my pondering,

does your head spin

or want to cry out your answer?

If yes,

then we have successfully completed the requirements of the Poetic Craft.


by Cactus Jack McCarty 5/6/96

Notice, I didn’t let my form get in the way of what I had to say, like Buck recommended.

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