Draggin’ Home Waltz

Draggin’ Home Waltz

(named by Jeremy)


When I got up this mornin’, I left you asleep,

So warm in the covers, your sweet dreams were deep.

Fixed my own coffee, be gone a short while,

Kissed you good-bye, you rolled over and smiled.

Verse 1:

When saddlin’ his horse, the skies were still clear.

The last mornin’ starts lied “No storm clouds are near.”

Whole world seemed quiet, the windmill was still

But the snow was a’blowin’ just over the hill.

Verse 2:

He prowled through the heifers, still down for their nap,

No heavy ones were strainin’ there in the trap.

The temperature was droppin’ as the flakes started down,

But with more cows to check, he’d finish his round.

Verse 3:

Before long, the ground covered, his fingers went numb.

Tryin’ to head for the barn, his cow horse wasn’t dumb.

Gettin’ cold, but a cow might need help in the storm,

Freezin’ toes, but Wife’s spot in his heart was real warm.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 4:

Sure ‘nuf a cow’s pushin’ but the calf wasn’t straight

Tried to take her to the barn ‘fore it was too late.

Horse fell in the chase, wet stir’p and boot clung,

Goin’ home upside-down, dyin’ with one foot still hung*.

Repeat Chorus twice:

At the end of last chorus, the last line should sing “Kissed you good-bye…”

*Nov 14. ’94 my horse fell with me, pinning me to the ground so that I could not move my left leg to kick my stirrup clear. When I tried to clear my right stirrup, the horse jumped up so fast that I was unable to get free even with my right foot. I consequently drug by both stirrups, upside-down, for about 25 feet before my left foot cleared and my right boot came off, freeing me to fall away. My boot and spur were still hung and rode the horse without me for another 25 to 30 feet before it came off. I thank God that I was not seriously hurt. I didn’t know at the time, but this song was written a few days later and completed on the same evening a life-long friend, Harmon Liles, was dying of a brain aneurysm in the hospital. A few days before, Harmon had just taken and passed a physical. I didn’t know Harmon was dying.


Draggin’ Home Waltz